Today in the city Lake View 14.12.2017
Triggered: Utah parent petitions to ditch high school's mascot because its plural sounds "too much like penis"

- A Utah dad has argued that a high school's mascot sounds like male genitalia - Kyle Fraughton created a petition asking locals near Farmington High School to sign his letter requesting officials...

Chocolate Lovers Need Luck To Get Edible Birthstones

Many of us wear our birthstone for good fortune or for their healing properties. Will eating them increase our chances of luck? Nestlé Japan’s recently-launched KITKAT series offers chocolate lovers t...

27 Years Later, Airport Security Checkpoints Still Like Swiss Cheese

Take a look at the undercover tests and the state of airport checkpoint security 27 years ago. Does it remind you of today?

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: Christian Eriksen Hero Card, Romelu Lukaku Lead TOTW 9

Christian Eriksen is one of five players to receive a coveted hero card in FIFA 18's Ultimate Team after EA Sports released its latest batch of upgrades in Team of the Week 9.  Eriksen's hat-tric...

WWE Survivor Series 2017 Has Suddenly Emerged As The Anti-Pay-Per-View

After Triple H inserted himself into Team Raw, WWE Survivor Series 2017 continues to undergo extreme transformations as an unconventional pay-per-view.

Top 10 Qualities To Look For In A New Finance Job Candidate

Members of Forbes Finance Council discuss the most important traits they look for when making new hires.

Less Is More When It Comes To Real Estate Diversification

In contrast to financial investments, less is more when it comes to real estate portfolio diversification.

Win-Loss Predictions for Rest of Philadelphia Eagles' 2017 Schedule

The Philadelphia Eagles will look to come flying off their bye week and into the final seven games of the season with the same laser focus that spurred an 8-1 record and seven straight victories. Not...

Amazing Revelation: Airlines Focused On Treating Passengers (And Staff) More Like Humans Earn More

What would happen if U.S. airlines actually began treating travelers like humans instead of just revenue-producing units of demand?

These rodent-like creatures are the earliest known ancestor of humans, whales and shrews

The earliest known ancestors of the mammal lineage that includes everything from humans, to blue whales, to pygmy shrews may have been nocturnal, rodent-like creatures that evolved much earlier than p...

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